Guanidine hydrochloride, CH5N3.HCL

Used as intermediate for medicine, pesticide, dyes and other organic composition, important material for producing sulfanilamides drugs and anti-static agent of synthetic fiber.

Melting point:184oC
Packing: Combined craft paper bag with double plastic linings 25kg per bag.

Industrial grade Medical grade
Main content 99.00 99.5
Water content 0.50 0.30
Ash content 0.50 0.05
Water-solubility test Qualified Qualified
Absorbance(280NM) 0.051
Absorbance(260NM) 0.220
Absorbance(240NM) 0.685
Absorbance(230NM) 0.959
Absorbance(225NM) 1.395
Appearance White crystal White crystal
guanidine hydrochloride-1