Cyanuric Acid (CIA)

White powder granular or colored tablet form, non-toxic and odorless.

For manufacture of chlorinated isocyanates. It’s mainly used in synthesizing new type bleaching agent, resin, antioxidant, paint, coating, selective weeding and metal cyaniding slow corrodent.

And it also can be directly used as swimming pool chlorine stabilizer nylon, plastic, polyester, fire-retardant agent and cosmetics additive.


10kg 25kg 50kg bag

category specification
Content Wt.% 98.5%
moisture 0.5%
pH 4-4.5
Color White (powder or granular)
Chloride(cl) 18ppm
sulphates 0.05%
Fe 25ppm
Cyanuric-acid powder

Cyanuric-acid powder


Cyanuric-acid granular