Calcium Chloride

Used as ice melter for snow melting and deicing on roads, as fog removing agent and dust collecting agent on road, pot; as a dryer to dry nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, hydrogen chloride and sulfur dioxide etc. as dehydration agent when producing alcohol, ester, ether and acrylic acid.

Packaging & Delivery

Plastic woven bag, with PE liner. 25 kg/bag, Jumbo bag 1000 kgs. According to customer's request. water treatment industry grade 74% -94% calcium chloride.

TESTING ITEMS                         SPECIFICATION


CaCl2                                     74%                    94% min.

Magnesium and Alkali        4.5%                    3.6%

metal Chloride (as NaCl)

Alkalinity as Ca(OH)2          0.4%                    0.3% max.

Water Insoluble                   0.3%                   0.10% max.

Heavy metal(Pb)                                             0.001%max

As                                                                      0.0003%max

Sulphate(CaSO4)                                            0.1% max

PH                                          8-12

Calcium Chloride-74percent
Calcium Chloride-94percent